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My musical experience and projects

6th February 2016 (update - 04/27/2017)

I've learned to compose (via computer) for a student project late 2013, for practical reasons. It allowed us indeed to be autonomous, to avoid right issues, and to save money. Before that my musical experience has been the practice of classical guitar for 10 years, but no theory. I compose therefore only by ear. I listen also lots of video games OST, especially japanese. Yasunori Mitsuda, Yoko Shimomura or Nobuo Uematsu are thus my main source of inspiration, with electronical artists like Chipzel today. I really enjoyed to learn composition, and it is nowadays one of my passions. I mainly use Ableton Live, with lots of VST for lots of fun!

In short, I would recommend anyone who is afraid to give a try at composition today. It has never been easier! There's a lot of softwares and tutos out there (Live, Cubase, Reaper, Audacity, Shism Tracker, Audiokinetic...) and it's really not that hard to make enjoyable musics without any theory. Not great musics of course, but nice ones. Well.. I will now let you with my musical projects that you cand all find on my soundcloud or youtube.

My original compositions

I've composed 40 tracks for Pixelz Warz that I prefer to not reveal for now, but I've also made some other original pieces for contests or just for me.

My remixes

I've also been doing remixes since 2015 via a project I've entitled [Do-Re-Mix]. It's very different from original composition but very interesting too! It allows me especially to actively participate in Pixel Mixers community, who made lots of contests and album throughout the year.

- David Fonteix -